Welcome to the Stacks Training Program

The Stacks Training Program is a comprehensive course that walks new customers through the process of website creation with Stacks from project planning and information architecture to technical training and design. The program combines training preparation modules and live training. New customers will go through the training preparation materials in each module and once complete will meet with a trainer for a hands-on review of the content.

The live training sessions are delivered through WebEx and require a computer with a microphone and a speaker so the trainer and customer can speak to and hear each other. Customers can also dial in on the telephone to access the audio portion of the training. More information about how to set up and use WebEx can be found on our WebEx page.

On completion of the Stacks Training Program, customers will receive a certificate.


Get Ready for Training With This Program Overview.

Training Preparation Module: Introduction
Introduction to Training, Support, and Website Project Planning
Training Preparation Module 1:
Orientation, Configuration, Setup, and Integrations
Training Preparation Module 2:
Information Architecture, Menus, and Creating Content
Training Preparation Module 3:
Stacks Signature Tools


Project Planning
Information Architecture
Writing for Web
Stacks News
Customer Pages
Before and After Gallery
Platform Release Notes
Enhancements Queue

Latest News

Tue, July 24thExamples in the User Manual

Check out how the Stacks Community is using Stacks Features and Elements. The User Manual now has screenshots taken from Stacks Libraries and links to their live sites. Want to see how Callouts are used by other libraries? Click on the 'Examples' ...

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Tue, June 26thNew Feature - Patron Modal

The Patron Modal is an alert tool that allows administrators to create an alert and specify where it is to be located on the website. Patrons must close the modal in order to carry on with their task, ensuring that each patron reads the alert. The...

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Tue, June 12thNew Integration - Stack Map

Integrating with Stack Map gives your patrons the ability to physically locate an item using your library floor plans. This exciting feature empowers patrons to quickly and easily find the resource they are looking for within your physical locatio...

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Thu, June 7thWorking with Images

Check out our updated resources for images in the Training Portal. Under the Resources Menu, select Visual Design. Here you will find all the information you need for working with images. Find resources for selecting free stock photos, fonts, and ...

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Tue, May 15thNew User Manual

The User Manual for Stacks is now available in the Training Portal. All of your training and help content is now in one place. Our digital user manual offers step by step instructions, screenshots, and tutorial videos that will help you get start...

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New Features


New Feature - Patron Modal: Create an alert and place it on any page of your website
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New Integration - Stack Map: Uses a map of your library to direct patrons to specific items
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Feature - Collections: Import a collection of items and make them searchable and browsable
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Feature - User Import: Import a list of Patron users
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Style Editor in Theme
Tuesday, February 13, 2018